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Mahmoud El Burai

Managing Director at Dubai Real Estate Institute (Chairman)
Dr Mahmoud holds several international positions in the field of sustainability and cities planning. He is a global advisor to UN Cities Program since 2014, Vice President of International Real estate Federation, and sits on advisory committee of Affordable housing at World Economic Forum. Before that he served as Chairman of UN Global Compact UAE since 2015 and represented MENA region in its advisory board. He many SDGs driven initiatives such as youth ambassadors program ,Women empowerment principles platform and SDGs pioneers. Recently Mahmoud established his Think Tank in Geneva under the name of Middle East Sustainable Development Institute to lobby stakeholders to action on SDGs in the Middle East. He serves as a senior advisor to Real estate Regulatory Agency of Dubai since 2018. Mahmoud completed his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Dubai (AUD),Master’s in Real Estate from Singapore(NUS) , MBA in Finance, Master of Cities from London (LSE) and DBA from France(GEM).